Bobbie is a queer texile artist + sound designer living in Brooklyn, New York. She earned her BFA at Virginia Commonwealth University in Photography and Film, with a minor in Craft and Material Studies.

She grew up on 60 acres of farmland in rural Virginia, where she unknowingly started her weaving career early - making potholders. She developed a love for all that can go into the earth and the soft intimacy a home can provide. There is a divine power that cloth holds– to be worn down, touched, washed, wrapped up around a body. They tell a story of Sunday morning picnics or mountain cabins, eliciting memories of first loves and beach vacations. All created with just a simple pattern or color change.

Her work hopes to bring you to these memories and give you a space to feel at home.

Feel free to reach out if you have any woven item you may want, for yourself or someone you love, or just want to connect 🤍